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How Often Should You Oil Your Road Bike Chain?

How Often Should You Oil Your Road Bike Chain

Quality tires, finding the right shoes for your feet, and making sure your bike is in tiptop shape are just a few of the many things you need to consider if you’re wanting to ensure a pleasant ride on your road bike! Another thing people may not think about in taking care of their bike … Read more

Treadmill Pace Charts – Easily Convert MPH to Min/Mile Pace

Treadmill Pace Chart

When the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining, running outdoors is an amazing way to exercise! At some point, however, you are going to need an alternative way to exercise. Many look to treadmills when outside weather conditions are less than ideal, and using a treadmill pace chart can help with this transition! … Read more

Side Plank Rotation – How To, Proper Form & Benefits

Side Plank Rotation

Side Plank Rotation In the health and fitness world, there’s a lot of importance placed on having a strong core. No, I’m not talking about those click-bait ads about how you need to have six-pack abs. I’m talking about how your core plays a vital role in both your fitness journey and your everyday life. … Read more

7 Best Curved Treadmills For Sale of 2023

Curved Treadmills For Sale

Treadmills are a great addition to any home gym! They’re versatile, allow you to workout anytime from the comfort of your own home, and bring an onslaught of benefits! If you’re thinking about investing in a treadmill, but are looking for something a little different, consider a curved treadmill. This treadmill buying guide will not … Read more

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike Speed – Which Is Faster?

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike Speed

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike Speed Mountain bikes may offer more variety, more magnificent views, and they may be more affordable overall, but road bikes have been proven time and time again to be faster. Some may argue that bikes are only as fast as the person who is pedaling. That may be a fantastic … Read more

10 Glute Bridge Alternatives For A Strong Butt

Glute Bridge Alternatives

Glute bridges are one of the biggest go-to exercises to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. If it’s a leg day, there’s a pretty high chance that this exercise will be in your workout. They’re low impact, and they don’t require any fancy equipment, but still incredibly effective! However, no matter how much you love this … Read more

How to Swim with Paddles

How To Swim With Paddles

If you’re new to swimming as a workout or you’re looking to change up your swimming routine, there are all kinds of different training aids to spice things up and target different areas. From  fins to kickboards, these tools have different practical purposes in improving your form, speed, and strength in the pool. The same … Read more

35 Swimming Puns & Funny Jokes

Swimming Puns

Whether you’re a beginning swimmer, a competitive swimmer, or simply someone who likes to hang out by the pool in the summer, there are ample opportunities to weave in some amazing swimming puns into your conversations and social media posts.  Puns are the ultimate icebreakers. They’re silly. They’re fun, and they get people laughing even … Read more