Can Biking Help With Running? 8 Definitive Ways It Can

Can Biking Help With Running

Can Biking Help With Running Both biking and running are great outdoor (primarily) cardiovascular aerobic activities that you can do at various speeds, distances, and intensities. As both types of athletes are constantly looking to improve their strength, endurance, and overall fitness levels, there are various ways in which biking can help improve one’s running.  … Read more

Treadmill Pace Charts – Easily Convert MPH to Min/Mile Pace

Treadmill Pace Chart

When the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining, running outdoors is an amazing way to exercise! At some point, however, you are going to need an alternative way to exercise. Many look to treadmills when outside weather conditions are less than ideal, and using a treadmill pace chart can help with this transition! … Read more

7 Best Curved Treadmills For Sale of 2023

Curved Treadmills For Sale

Treadmills are a great addition to any home gym! They’re versatile, allow you to workout anytime from the comfort of your own home, and bring an onslaught of benefits! If you’re thinking about investing in a treadmill, but are looking for something a little different, consider a curved treadmill. This treadmill buying guide will not … Read more

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running Getting outside, enjoying nature and all of its sounds is peace of mind for some. For others, they enjoy taking tunes with them wherever they go. For runners, this is no different. Some want to immerse themselves into the task at hand, being in tune with themselves … Read more

100 Running Puns That Will Have You Bent Over

Running Puns

Being able to make a joke about the gait keepers is easy with running puns. Being able to run into some material that makes your preferred cardio easier. Whether you run marathons, trails or both, there is a running pun or two here just for you. They make a lifestyle easier to manage and allow … Read more

16 Running Goals for Beginner to Expert Runners

Running Goals

Running Goals Setting goals for running is a great way to improve your health and fitness. While many see the new year as an opportunity to be ambitious and start something new, you really don’t need a special occasion to set a new goal! You simply need inspiration, motivation, and dedication. One of the best … Read more

7 Benefits of Treadmill Exercise: Ignite Your Health

Benefits of Treadmill

Benefits of Treadmill Exercise Personally, I love all forms of working out–yoga, hiking, cycling, HIIT, strength training, running, and the list goes on. I believe that variety is the key to a well-balanced fitness lifestyle, but I have always held a special place in my heart for running.  Related: 6 Best Treadmills Under 1000 Dollars, … Read more