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Can Biking Help With Running? 8 Definitive Ways It Can

Can Biking Help With Running

Can Biking Help With Running Both biking and running are great outdoor (primarily) cardiovascular aerobic activities that you can do at various speeds, distances, and intensities. As both types of athletes are constantly looking to improve their strength, endurance, and overall fitness levels, there are various ways in which biking can help improve one’s running.  … Read more

Spin Bike vs Stationary Bike: 4 Big Differences?

Spin Bike vs Stationary Bike

When people head to the gym, they will notice that there are usually two of four commonly used exercise bikes available for use. The spin bike and the upright stationary bike (the others being a recumbent bike and an air/fan bike). Each bike provides users with its own unique fitness advantages. Still, it is important … Read more

How Often Should You Oil Your Road Bike Chain?

How Often Should You Oil Your Road Bike Chain

Quality tires, finding the right shoes for your feet, and making sure your bike is in tiptop shape are just a few of the many things you need to consider if you’re wanting to ensure a pleasant ride on your road bike! Another thing people may not think about in taking care of their bike … Read more

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes – Discover The Differences

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes As with many things these days that involve technology, bikes have seen a significant change since the first bike, designed by German Karl Von Drais, hit the road in 1817. From a vehicle with no pedals, a wooden frame and leather-covered tires mounted on iron rims and wooden wheels, the … Read more

How Cycling Shoes Should Fit

How Cycling Shoes Should Fit

Whether it is a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, Jordan’s, hiking boots, or cycling shoes, the fit is equally important, if not more, as the name brand and the look. When trying to figure out how cycling shoes should fit, you will probably have several questions. Of course, you want to enjoy wearing your new biking … Read more

How Long Do Bike Tires Last? – 6 Wear Signs To Watch For

How Long Do Bike Tires Last? Bike tires, like shoes, car tires, bus passes, and skateboards (you name it) have a certain life expectancy before they become a safety hazard. Think of it this way, the soles of your shoes wear out, as do your car tires. Your bus pass expires and your skateboard or … Read more

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike Speed – Which Is Faster?

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike Speed

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike Speed Mountain bikes may offer more variety, more magnificent views, and they may be more affordable overall, but road bikes have been proven time and time again to be faster. Some may argue that bikes are only as fast as the person who is pedaling. That may be a fantastic … Read more

8 Best Upright Exercise Bikes of 2023

Best Upright Exercise Bikes

RELATED: Spin Bike vs Stationary Bike: 4 Big Differences, 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes, 4 Best Exercise Machines For Lower Back Pain Cycling in the United States is on the rise! Just in the past 3 years, there has been a significant uptick with over 47.5 million people riding regularly. There are countless benefits to … Read more

50 Bike Puns That Are Wheelie Funny And Terrible

Bike Puns

Bike Puns Because biking is a popular and fun sport, there are plenty of bike puns you can take advantage of when hanging with your biking friends. They help to make the sport light and give everyone an opportunity to enter the conversation. Keep a few of these puns on hand to enjoy when you … Read more

Mountain Biking While Pregnant: 10 Important Things To Know

Mountain Biking While Pregnant

Mountain Biking While Pregnant There used to be a time when people believed women should do as little as possible when pregnant. They were expected to sit back, relax, and lift nothing heavy or do anything remotely strenuous, hoping to protect the baby at all costs. Nowadays, the narrative, thankfully, has completely changed. More and … Read more